Apr 18 2010

iPhone 4G Found in a Bar?

The latest, slightly ridiculous Apple rumor concerns the upcoming 4G iPhone, which is expected to be released as early as this June (AT&T has allegedly barred employees from taking vacations this June, so maybe something big is going to happen).

Images that are allegedly of the upcoming iPhone surfaced on the Internet today, acquired in very strange circumstances. A 4G iPhone was allegedly found on the floor of a San Jose bar in an iPhone 3G case. The device in question has a front-facing camera, 80 GB of storage, and an OS that is definitely different from the current iPhone OS.

However, some blogs are asserting that the phone in question is actually a Japanese counterfeit of the iPhone, which I think is very plausible. It seems very unlikely to me that a company as secretive as Apple would let an iPhone 4G anywhere near a bar (or any other public place, for that matter).

Via CNET, image via Engadget.

Mar 11 2010

Rumors About Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 Abound

Even though the next iPhone OS update probably won’t be released for several months, the tech blogosphere is already speculating about what new features the iPhone OS 4.0 will contain. Apple is, of course, very tight-lipped about the whole thing, so all of the following is simply speculation.

The feature that seems to be the most desired is multitasking. Currently, only one app at a time can run on the iPhone. For example, you cannot listen to your Pandora radio app in the background while you surf the Internet with your Safari app (however, you could listen to music through the iPod function on the iPhone). Other smartphones have supported multitasking for some time now, so this is the next logical update for the iPhone.

Video calling is another feature that users want. Again, many other smartphones have a front-facing video camera that allows for video calls. Though video calling has not really gained much popularity with smartphone users, Apple may try to change this by offering it as a new feature.

Finally, many users want a better camera with a flash on the iPhone. Although the iPhone 3G S has a better camera than the iPhone 3G (3.2 MP vs. 2 MP, respectively), it is difficult to take decent photos with an iPhone in anything but the brightest light, so a flash would be a welcome addition.

Of course, Apple is so good at keeping secrets that we won’t find out anything until the next OS is released, so all we can do now is speculate.

Via PC World, image via PC World.

Feb 28 2010

Apple May Lower iPhone Prices

According to an analyst at Morgan Stanley, Apple could lower the price of its next iPhone. Though the iPhone has been and remains very popular, Apple faces a lot of competition from other companies like Google, Microsoft, and Research in Motion, and must price its products accordingly.

The analyst said she expects Apple to release a new, cheaper iPhone in June of this year. The iPhone 3G S currently sells for $199 and up, and the iPhone 3G for $99 and up.

Microsoft has announced its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, which is due to be released by the end of this year. If it proves successful and popular, this could pose a threat to Apple. Apple has seen huge success with its App Store, which is predicted to have 300,00 apps by the end of 2011. In a controversial move recently, Apple banned many apps from the App Store for being too explicit.

Via eWeek, image via Apple.


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