May 26 2010

Apple Overtakes Microsoft

As of Wednesday afternoon, Apple has overtaken Microsoft as most valuable technology company. At the close of trading, Apple was valued at nearly $223 billion compared with Microsoft’s $219 billion.

The rankings could of course change, but for now, Apple is ahead, which is not surprising due to the company’s recent success due to the iPhone and the iPad. Apple’s share price has risen dramatically over the past year to $244. Microsoft’s has also risen, but not as dramatically: a year ago, its shares closed at $20, today they closed at $25.

Microsoft and Apple have had a rivalry for years. Microsoft was the dominant company for a long time but it appears now that the tables have turned. The iPod and iPhone have helped facilitate Apple’s rise as a true technology giant that has become a lot more successful than Microsoft. As Apple has grown, it has faced problems and criticism for its policies.

Via The Wall Street Journal.

Jan 1 2010

Apple Wins iPod Lawsuit

In 2006, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple, alleging that their popular iPod was defective because it can produce sound up to 115 decibels, which can cause hearing damage after long-term exposure. The case was dismissed in 2008 because the plaintiffs did not provide evidence that iPods are defective in such a way or that they had been personally harmed by their iPod use. None of the lawsuit documents show any evidence that the plaintiffs themselves suffered any hearing damage at all. Rather, they have said that iPods could theoretically cause hearing damage if used incorrectly.

The US Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit has upheld this 2008 dismissal. Senior Judge David Thompson said, “At most, the plaintiffs plead a potential risk of hearing loss not to themselves, but to other unidentified iPod users.” It is up to iPod users to properly use their iPods, and that’s how it should be.

Via Macworld, image via Apple.

Dec 30 2009

Apple Builds Product Loyalty With iPod Touch

Apple has not become a successful company by accident. Its latest marketing strategy – using the iPod Touch to build product loyalty amongst kids, hoping to graduate them to iPhones – is nothing short of brilliant.

The iPod Touch was an extremely popular gift this Christmas season. Two different models of the popular music player were second and third place on Amazon’s list of bestselling electronics. On Christmas Day, downloads for the iPod Touch soared, passing downloads for the iPhone by 172 percent. Downloads for all generations of the iPod Touch increased by over 1000 percent on Christmas Day, and by over 900 percent for the 3G iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is popular with kids because it is not just a music player; it also has the App store, which opens up a world of possibilities. Parents like the iPod Touch because it doesn’t require an expensive monthly contract like the iPhone does.

Apple likes the iPod Touch because it gets an entire generation of kids to want more Apple products, particularly the iPhone. When these kids are old enough for cell phones (or better cell phones than they have now), they will be ready for the iPhone, so to speak, because of their familiarity with the interface on the iPod Touch.

Via PC World, image via Apple.

Dec 28 2009

Is Apple Going to Develop a Spectrum of Operating Systems?

Apple Inc. used to be called Apple Computer, Inc., but it dropped the word “computer” from its name in January 2007, reflecting the fact that the company does not just make computers anymore. iPods and iPhones count for a large portion of the company’s sales, so the name needed changing. Now some analysts are speculating that Apple may start to differentiate between its different operating systems on its various devices.

The different versions of OS X right now are augmented for their various platforms. There is the version we have on desktops and laptops, the version on the iPhone, the version on the iPod Touch, and a possible new version on the Apple tablet.

However, many people are speculating that the Apple tablet will change the formula by running a brand new version of OS X, powered somewhere in between the iPhone’s OS and Leopard. Leopard is a bit cumbersome for a tablet, but the iPhone’s does not allow for apps to run in the background.

Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, image via

Dec 25 2009

Track Santa On Your iPhone

You know you live in the twenty-first century when you can track Santa using an iPhone or iPod Touch. Google has teamed up with NORAD, picking up the tradition started in 1955, allowing people to track Santa using Google Maps and Google Earth.

The NORAD Santa tracker site uses Google Maps and Google Earth to show visitors where Santa is at that exact moment (at the time of this writing, Santa is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).

If you want to track Santa on a mobile device, you can open Google Maps and search for Santa to find him.

Being a kid right now must be so exciting.

Via eWeek Google Watch.

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Dec 20 2009

Apple Dominates Online Searches

Apparently a lot of people want Apple products for Christmas. The iPhone is the most searched-for product in the UK, while the second most searched-for product is also made by Apple: the iPod Touch. The iPod Nano was the ninth most searched-for product. The iPhone had 1.75 percent of all product searches and 14.01 percent of mobile phone searches.

There is always a peak in consumer visits to electronics retail sites in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but this year the peak came during the week ending on December 5, a week later than previous years.

Via PC World.


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