Dec 2 2009

Dell’s E6400 and E6500 Models are Overheating and Underclocking!

If you’re an owner of a E6400 or E6500, the above picture should be a startling notice that the health of your precious laptop is at risk.

Hundreds of owners just like yourself have been reporting in over the past few weeks about severe performance issues, with some users claiming that their laptops are performing as low as 95% below what would be normal operating conditions.  For some users, the systems will get hotter than usual; for others, BIOS suddenly lowers its performance until it stops working all together. While some users have been reporting these issues as early as January 2009, its been claimed that Dell had actually started to censor posts on their own forums. This doesn’t look like good news for E6400 & E6500 users.

UPDATE: Some users have claimed that the Studio XPS 1645 is having similar issues, according to this thread. This appears to be happening due to a poor AC adaptor, take heart though. If you call Dell and complain, they will ship out a replacement adapters to those affected. Now all Dell has to do is make good on the E6400 and E6500 users, and it’ll all be square.

Via Engadget.


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