Jan 5 2010

Lenovo Announces Skylight Smartbook

Lenovo recently announced its all-new Skylight smartbook, a cousin of the netbook with a clever custom interface for Internet access.

We’ll be able to see more on the Skylight smartbook at the Consumer Electronics show this Thursday, but for now, we’ve got a bit of info on its specs. It will run the long-awaited Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and come with a 1 GHz ARM CPU, a graphics processor, integrated GPS capability and HD video recording and playback. Connectivity is ample, coming by means of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G functionality.

The new smartbook by Lenovo will feature a 10-inch screen, clamshell design, and full-sized keyboard – making it look quite a bit like a netbook. It will have a fantstic 10 hours of battery life, thanks to the Snapdragon platform which boosts efficiency by 30%.

The Skylight smartbook will sell for around $499 this April.

Via InformationWeek.


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