Sep 21 2009

13+ Hours of Battery Life for the MSI Wind U110 ECO Netbook

The MSI Wind U110 ECO netbook may not necessarily be a super netbook, but it no doubt is equipped with a super battery. This 10″ netbook (with screen resolution of 1024×600) that features a 1.60GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor and a 160 GB hard drive boasts a battery that lasts for a whopping 13+ hours!

The U110 netbook is also equipped with two speakers, a high-definition webcam, a built-in microphone, and Bluetooth. It’s currently available for $429.99.

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Apr 12 2009

ASK NBB #1: To Buy A Netbook

Today’s edition of ASK NBB focuses on an asker with a specific set of preferences for an upcoming netbook purchase.


“I want to buy a notebook. That is like the asus 1000he but with a graphics card.
Is there any netbook out currently that has those features?
– a graphics card
– superb battery life
or is there one that you might know of but has yet to come out?
would love to hear your suggestions”



So, you’re looking to buy a netbook?

The first thing I thought of when I saw your email was the MSI Wind U110 Eco, a netbook whose graphical capabilities are expected to be good enough to manage any kind of HD video, and whose battery life may last as much as 9 hours. Be sure to read the article at the link for more info.

On the downside, the U110 Eco netbook may take a few months to be released. It all depends how long you want to wait to get your new netbook!

A second option is the Dell Mini 10. The battery life is decent enough, with the 6-cell option getting you 6-8 hours of life according to a release by Dell. Its graphics will get you up to 720p video, and the machine will come with a few other awesome media accessories as well (like a TV tuner). Check it out.

If you’re looking to use your netbook for gaming, your options will be pretty severely limited. You could, however, take a look at the ASUS N10J, which rocks a GeForce 9300 graphics card. Unfortunately it costs $699 and its battery life is standard.

Be sure to note that whenever you’re using higher brightness settings or engaging the graphics chip heavily your battery life will be quite diminished in any case.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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Mar 18 2009

MSI Announces HD-Capable Wind U110 Eco Netbook

Netbook graphics have experienced swift developments in the recent past, with the boosts in HD capability and NVIDIA Ion platform being highlights. MSI is beginning to take steps in the direction of other manufacturers with the release of its latest netbook: the MSI Wind U110 Eco.

MSI U110 Eco Netbook

The changes to the newest member of the MSI Wind family come in the form of a 2 GB RAM option, an Intel Atom Z530 chip, a discrete ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200 GPU, and the unexpected Intel Poulsbo US15W chipset.

The Poulsbo is usually found on MIDs rather than netbooks, but the ATI Mobility Radion HD3200 has been implanted into both desktops and notebooks for notable graphical success. The addition of this powerhouse means the MSI Wind U110 Eco netbook will handle just about any kind of HD video out there. Gaming on the netbook might not be glorious, but movies will look spicy fine and that’s something we can all get excited about.

The netbook has appended ‘Eco’ to the end of its title for a few economical and ecofriendly adjustments to the standard formula seen in older models. The U110 supposedly cranks a godly 9 hours of juice out of a miniscule 3-cell battery, an outstanding ratio of dubious truth. Some of the other machines I’ve heard of boasting numbers even close to that have been interesting in theory, but merely smirk-worthy in their execution. The 10-cell battery designed for the ASUS Eee PC, for example, weighed more than the netbook itself!

However, MSI’s Wind U110 Eco is anything but a joke. The display packs 1024×600 pixels into its 10-inch screen, along with a 1.3 or 2-inch integrated webcam. You get Bluetooth, wireless internet, a 4-in-1 card reader, and either Windows XP Home or Vista Basic for the OS.

MSI has announced that the U110 Eco has the biggest netbook keyboard released thus far, with ample space for the trackpad as well.

We expect the new MSI netbook to hit the market in the $400-$500 range, which goes towards the HD video capability, ATI graphics, and nine hours of battery life. If MSI delivers everything it says it will through this netbook, the bar will be knocked up quite a few notches for machines to come.

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