Apr 21 2010

Lenovo Introduces IdeaPad S10-3t Multitouch Tablet Netbook

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Lenovo’s line of IdeaPad S10 netbooks have been fairly successful so far — otherwise, they probably still wouldn’t be around.  But Lenovo doesn’t want to introduce another netbook that’s similar to the ones that already exist, and that’s why with their newest netbook, the IdeaPad S10-3t, Lenovo will be dressing it up, as well as equipping it with multi-touch capabilities and a swivel screen.

The IdeaPad S10-3t (the “t” is for touch) will be equipped with a 1.83GHz Intel Atom N470 processor — one of the first IdeaPads to incorporate Intel’s newest Atom processor — as well as the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.  The swivel screen on the tablet/netbook is capable of pivoting 180 degrees in either direction.

Via HotHardware.

Feb 26 2010

Apple Files for Ownership of New Trademark

The Magic Trackpad?

This week, Apple filed for ownership of a new trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The new trademark is “Magic Trackpad.” Analysts have suggested that it will be a name for a new product or the rebranding of existing trackpads.

The application from Apple seeks control of the trademark in relation to computers and devices in hardware and software. The naming of this new trademark corresponds with the multi-touch Magic Mouse, introduced last fall. The entire surface of the Magic Mouse can track independent finger movements.

There was a rumor last October that Apple was going to introduce a multi-touch trackpad for desktop Macs, but nothing has come of this. A product like this was never released and nothing has been said since. The first multi-touch trackpad was introduced on the MacBook Air and has since added to MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

Via AppleInsider, image via Apple.

Dec 23 2009

More Speculation On The Asus Eee Pad

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Asus is planning to unveil the Eee Pad at the CES in January, and some unconfirmed details have been reported by secondary sources. The suspicions are these: the tablet will not run Windows CE, it will have multi-touch capabilities, and it will use either Nvidia Tegra or Tegra 2 platforms.  The Eee Pad will also measure anywhere between four to seven inches diagonally.

We will have wait until next year to know for certain what this device will have in store. So far the tablet fits right into the touch screen trend that we have been seeing and will likely continue to throughout the following year.

Via Engadget.

Dec 6 2009

Acer Unveils First Multi-Touch Laptop

Acer recently showed us their new laptop with a multi-touch display. The Acer Aspire 5738PzG series gives us a 15.6 inch screen with a multitude of Windows 7 gestures that will be supported by the laptop. Because they also included an All-In-One PC featuring this multitouch technology, they decided to follow a minimulist design scheme, which comes with Microsoft’s TouchPack.

Their laptops will not only come loaded with Windows 7, but will have touchscreen support that allows users to perform simple everyday tasks like printing, sharing information, emailing, and taking pictures, all with simple gestures that better allow a user to interface with their devices. The laptops being a whole new definition to the words “user friendly.”

Via TechTree.


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