Apr 13 2010

Rumor: Adobe May Sue Apple

There are lots of exciting and interesting Apple rumors circulating on the Internet now. One of them turned out to be true—it remains to be seen if this latest one will also prove to be true.

The latest Apple rumor concerns a lawsuit that will allegedly be filed by Adobe against Apple. Adobe has been less than pleased with Apple in recent months. Apple has refused to support Adobe Flash on its mobile devices for some time now and the latest conflict between the two companies has arisen over Apple’s recent update to its iPhone SDK agreement. The update bans cross-compilers, which Adobe was planning to utilize in its app. Adobe is annoyed and is allegedly going to file a lawsuit against Apple “within a few weeks.”

Analysts believe that Apple has restricted developers to prevent a repeat of problems that were encountered with Mac OS X, in which a lot of Adobe and Microsoft software had to be rewritten to work on Intel processors.

Via Electronista.

Mar 14 2010

Qualcomm to Release Netbook-Tablet-Phone Hybrid

Products such as the iPhone, which combine the basic functions of a phone with a computer’s utility and web access, are exemplary of our desire to fuse technology into newer and better forms. Companies worldwide are trying to keep with this optimization momentum and build towards even smaller, multi-function devices. The next step appears to be incorporation of the tablet form factor.

According to GoRumors.com, Qualcomm has submitted a patent for a device that will combine aspects of a netbook, phone, and tablet. The device is intended to provide different functions based on its folding. In its most expanded state it would function as a tablet, and in its most compact state a phone. There is expected be some kind of netbook-like capability in between. If people become enthralled with the iPad, then a product such as this will most likely be able to dominate the market. As of now, there is no guarantee that such a product will be produced, but the news that such an idea is in the works is still exciting.

Via Liliputing.

Jan 14 2010

Apple Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Tablet Image Seekers

On Wednesday, the blog Valleywag, a site devoted to Silicon Valley gossip, posted a request for readers to send in information about the Apple tablet in exchange for a reward. They offered $10,000 for a photo, $20,000 for a video, $50,000 for a photo of Steve Jobs holding the elusive tablet, and $100,000 to let Valleywag use one for an hour.

This has not gone over very well with Apple. Though the company usually tolerates rumors and speculation relating to its upcoming products, usually saying nothing until products are released, they were not so tolerant about this issue. A lawyer for Apple sent a cease and desist letter to Valleywag.

The letter claims infringement on Apple’s trade secrets and inducement to break nondisclosure agreements. Ironically, analysts are now saying that this letter confirms that there is truly an upcoming tablet.

It is important to remember that at this point we really don’t know what new and amazing product Apple will reveal on January 27. It is also interesting that in previous cases, Apple has only taken legal action when their secrets are truly compromised, which means that all the speculative photos floating around the Internet are may not even be close to what the real thing will look like.

Via CNET, image via TGDaily.

Jan 1 2010

Apple’s New Device Will be a Tablet, Says ex-Apple Employee

Kai-Fu Lee, the former president of Google China, has said that according to a knowledgeable source Apple’s new device to be unveiled in January will be a tablet with 3D graphics, costing under $1000. Lee has also said that Apple predicts it will sell ten million of these devices next year alone. The tablet will look like a large iPhone and will have a 10.1-inch touchscreen, a virtual keyboard, and videoconferencing and e-book support.

Lee is the former president of Google China–he left the company this year–and worked for Apple over ten years ago. His speculations are just a few among many concerning Apple’s much-anticipated device.

Lee also said that the tablet will weigh less than half of what a MacBook Air weighs, though it was unclear whether this is Lee’s opinion or that of the knowledgeable source.

Via PC World, image via Blorge.

Dec 24 2009

The Apple Tablet May Be a Reality This January

There have been so many rumors about the possible Apple tablet that it’s ridiculous. But two recent pieces of news indicate that this much-anticipated device may turn out to be a reality.

First, Apple told some of its developers to make versions of iPhone apps that will work on a device with a larger screen. Second, Apple has reportedly booked Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for a period of time in late January. Add to this a mobile industry source who has said this “mystery device” will be shown at the event but will not be ready to ship.

Apple used to not announce products before launch, but changed their tune on this with the iPhone. The January event would be the perfect opportunity to announce their new tablet. Of course, it’s all rumors at this point, but it’s tempting to say that an Apple tablet is looking more and more likely.

The overwhelming question I have now is: are users ready for this kind of interface change? I am envisioning the Apple tablet without a physical keyboard, but I know I am personally not ready to give up mine. Any successful device might implement an external keyboard option, as displayed here.



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