Jun 12 2009


Our fifth ASK NBB is available, with the latest in user-submitted netbook questions answered for your interest. Today, it’s about the most basic but crucial question of them all:

What is a netbook?

I think you’ll find it illuminating, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Take a look!


Interested in getting your own question answered on ASK NBB? Here’s how! Be sure to check out ASK NBB #3 for my projections for the future of the netbook industry, or ASK NBB #4 for some discussion of the evolving Eee PC.

Dec 28 2008

Best Buy Clarifies Netbooks For Newbies

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Best Buy has perhaps realized something important – people are generally confused about netbooks. In the name of clarification it recently created this peppy presentation for those with questions about the genre.

You probably won’t learn much from the presentation if you’re already knowledgeable about netbooks. Still, it’s good to see that some retailers are willing to go out of their way to get them sold. Check out their flash presentation here.

Via GottaBeMobile.


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