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    Dell Mini 9

    Though netbooks were born diminutive 7-inch machines, consumers and manufacturers quickly found that larger screens were preferable. Nowadays you can find netbooks as large as 12 inches, but before these days of luxury that first round of amended netbooks tended to fall into one unique category – the 8.9-inch netbook. Though some time has passed since its birth, the Dell Mini 9 is part of the pantheon of classic netbooks the industry has grown to love. But does it still hold its water? Read on, intrepid netbooker, and you will find out. Specifications: 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor 1GB DDR2 533MHz (1 DIMM) Ubuntu 8.04 Linux with Custom Dell Interface…

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    Intel Atom N550 Dual-Core Processors to Come Later This Year

    The Intel Atom N550 will be one of the potential dual-core processors that Intel will be releasing, and the company’s current plans are to release it in the third quarter of 2010. These powerful processors will not only be available for netbooks, but also for all-in-one PCs as well as other low-powered devices, such as ultraportables. The Intel Atom N550 dual-core processor will come with a clock speed of 1.5GHz, 1 MB of L2 cache, and a couple of cores to support hyperthreading. Thankfully, even though these processors will be more powerful, power consumption will be minimal. In fact, they’re said to require less power than the standard Intel Atom…

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    ASK NBB #1: To Buy A Netbook

    Today’s edition of ASK NBB focuses on an asker with a specific set of preferences for an upcoming netbook purchase. QUESTION: “I want to buy a notebook. That is like the Asus 1000he but with a graphics card. Is there any netbook out currently that has those features? – a graphics card – superb battery life or is there one that you might know of but has yet to come out? would love to hear your suggestions” – stanTLs ANSWER: So, you’re looking to buy a netbook? The first thing I thought of when I saw your email was the MSI Wind U110 Eco, a netbook whose graphical capabilities are…

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    HP Mini 2140

    The HP Mini 2140 is a departure from HP’s standard of designing netbooks primarily for consumers. It’s a business-oriented take on the classic netbook themes of affordability and mobility and excels with a fantastic keyboard and long-lasting battery to boot. But has Hewlett-Packard succeeded in crafting a truly professional netbook? Read on and find out. Specifications 1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU 1GB RAM (Included) 2GB RAM (Upgradable) 160GB, 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive 10.1″, 1024 x 576 Display Intel GMA 950 Graphics Card 64 MB Video Memory Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2.0 Windows XP Home OS Ethernet, Headphone, Microphone, VGA ports 2 USB 2.0 ports ExpressCard, SD memory reader slots…

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    Netbooks used for On-line Casinos and Social Media

    Netbooks have proven to be very popular with consumers, as the price point has dropped to where it’s convenient and affordable for many people to buy a netbook solely for tasks such as checking e-mail and Facebook around the house or when on vacation. With plenty of affordable netbooks under $400, it’s not an either/or situation for consumers when it comes to choosing a desktop PC, laptop, or netbook, but more a both/and situation as more and more people check out netbook reviews and make the leap and purchase one. Some people believe that you have to sacrifice performance and speed if you purchase a netbook, but the truth is…

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    Toshiba listens to consumers and delivers new line of notebooks

    Toshiba is set to release new satellite notebooks this Sunday. The new T200 line of notebooks will address common consumer complaints about the satellite 115 and satellite 135 notebooks. The majority of the complaints dealt with physical characteristics of the notebooks rather than performance. The glossy texture was easily scratched and showed smudges clearly. The slick keys were also troublesome for some buyers. The Toshiba T215 and Toshiba T235 will have less gloss, raised keys, and a larger touchpad. The T215 will come with an 11.6-inch screen and the T235 will feature a 13.3-inch display. The base price of the Toshiba T215 will be $470.00 and the Toshiba T235’s $550.00.…

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    Laptop and Netbook Sells Consistent Depsite Tablet PC Competition

    The NBP Group recently reported that laptop sales were only down 1% July 2010 and 1% in August 2010. Although netbook and laptop sales have had steady growth in the past, they are far from being phased out by tablet PCs. It is now clear that Tablet PCs are a strong competitor to netbooks and laptops and are making large strides, but they certainly haven’t won the war. With sells holding strong we will likely see netbooks of the future adapt to their new competition and refuel the fire in the war on lightweight, portable computers. One thing is certain, in order for netbook and laptop sales to grow in…

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    Tablet PC vs Netbook – Will the Tablet PC Replace Netbooks?

    With Ipad sales breaching 2,000,000 units already the question must be asked, “Will the tablet PC replace the netbook in the future of small, portable computers?” One thing is certain, tablet PC’s and netbooks both have advantages and disadvantages over each other and do in-fact serve slightly different purposes. The tablet PC is built for content consumption and very light content creation. With it a consumer can read books, check and send e-mail, watch movies (even in HD), and play games. The netbook, on the other hand, is built for content creation as well as light content consumption. A standard windows operation system allows the netbook to create most content…

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    Top Rated Netbooks and Laptops Under $400

    The holidays are fast approaching and deal seekers have already begun searching for laptops and netbooks as gifts for family and friends. Although there are many cheap netbooks and laptops available often times consumers don’t offer better than average reviews for lower end computers. Despite this, there are a couple top rated netbooks and laptops under $400 that are great options for holiday gifts. All of these products have good reviews according to consumers who purchased through amazon.com. They offer great value for the price (under $400) which makes them excellent choices for holiday gifts.

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    Are Dell and HP Stunting the Growth of Ultra-Thin Laptops?

    The insanely low prices that HP and Dell constantly churn out for their regularly sized laptops may be to blame for the slow growth of the ultra-thin laptop segment. According to Acer chairman J.T. Wang, this has caused consumers to steer clear from the thinner varieties in favor of lower prices. It has also lowered sales on Intel’s CULV processors, giving Intel less of an incentive to manufacture parts for the ultra-thin laptop market. Ultra-thin laptops offer many advantages. These laptops are more powerful than netbooks while being similarly portable and offering an incredibly long battery life. Consumers have showed interest in the ultra-thin segment, so now it’s up to…