Dec 9 2008

Egnyte To Offer File Server For Netbooks

Egnyte has recently announced that it will be instituting a unique file sharing program focused solely on netbooks. Its new file server will allow unlimited online storage for netbook users. The new program will permit users to securely access and share files quickly and easily.
With this new file sharing server, netbook users will be able to instantly attain business-ready functionality. The file server will be mapped like a drive, so there will be no learning curve: there will be no interface to learn.

According to Rob Enderle, the Enderle Group’s Principal Analyst, “As solution providers like Egnyte deliver added functionality such as on-demand and unlimited online storage, the netbook has the ability to evolve into a vital business tool for mobile workers across numerous industries.”

Egnyte intends to be the only company offering an integrated and on-demand file sharing solution in order to tackle the problems of data storage, file backup, and information transfer. With Egnyte’s new program, there will be no need for file-server hardware as users’ files will be securely stored in an instantly accessible way.

Egnyte Server

Egnyte’s CEO Vineet Jain illustrated the theory behind the new system as well: “….to combat storage challenges, turning to an online or virtual storage provider like Egnyte makes sense. And, for only $15 per month per user, it is an attractive value proposition, particularly for small businesses or mobile users who want the benefits of a big company solution.”

We can’t help but agree. The idea is sound, but as always, the true test of the new system will be the success of its application.

Here are the features, straight from Egnyte:
  • Configurable Shared Folders. Create folders to store and share files within and outside your company. Control permissions on folders (e.g. read only, read/write).
  • Access as a Drive. Access Egnyte as folders on your computer. Drag and drop files easily.
  • No Download or Upload Limits. Download or upload as much data as required. No daily or monthly restrictions. There are no file size limits either.
  • Tight Privacy Controls. Share with multiple customers or suppliers. One party cannot see another’s folders or files.
  • Highly Secure. Manage accounts and permissions. All access to Egnyte is fully encrypted. Servers hosted at a SAS-70 compliant, highly secure facility.

This unexpected development means big things for the netbook industry. The fact of the matter is that netbooks are getting their own infrastructure and cross-industry support, which should increase their appeal to the business world.

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