Jan 23 2009

New Delicious Jolicloud Screenshot Released

We heard about it a while back, and it hasn’t gone away – Jolicloud, the new Linux based OS for netbooks is rearing its head once more.

Tariq Krim, the Netvibes founder running the project, recently sent TechCrunch a screenshot of Jolicloud. Behold:


The screen shot shows a significantly cranked up version of previous demonstrations. Jolicloud will use large icons and eventually touchscreens to make netbooks ergonomic and natural for human-sized users, who often find the machines cramped.

And if you mention touchscreens to TechCrunch, the first thing to pop into their minds will be, of course, the CrunchPad. Will we get to see how JoliCloud works on their tablet netbook? Someone please say yes.

Via TechCrunch.

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