Jan 26 2009

Tri-Fold Apple Concept Netbook Released

In case you think the Apple netbook rumors have all burned out, you have another thing coming. Apple hasn’t said ‘never’ but rather ‘not soon’ to a netbook. We’ve seen netbook rumors of all sorts, but nothing close to a real prototype or announcement. Regardless, we stumbled upon some intriguing ideas through MobileMag.com, labeled merely “Isamu Sanada” in the corner. These leaked images are not even close to official, but they’re seriously cool anyway.

Apple Netbook

We can see in the concept device a unique tri-fold design, most likely optimized for portability and thinness. The thing looks fragile and perhaps a bit too thin for reality, but who knows – in the near future, anything could be possible for netbooks.

The tri-sections of the netbook include a 10-inch display, a keyboard in the middle, and a multi-touch trackpad on the third.

Apparently you can rely on just the trackpad if you don’t need the keyboard for your surfing. This makes almost no sense at all – who types nothing at all when on the internet? Or could this mean stylus writing on the third section?  Regardless, it seems like the trackpad-only style for this netbook could work using Jolicloud, whose large icons optimized to your favorite websites might decrease the need for the keyboard for quick excursions on the web.

We could rant all day about why Apple needs a netbook, but so far we’ve got nothing. If an Apple netbook ever does come out, you can expect netbookers to see it as the dawning of a new era. This Holy Grail of gadgetry may not be on the way anytime soon, but hey – we can dream!

Via MobileMag.


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