Apr 7 2009

Qualcomm CEO Says Netbooks May Soon Overtake Notebooks

While only a few months ago analysts were predicting the demise of netbooks, nowadays – with everyone from Bandai to Belinea slapping together its own model – the future of netbooks seems far more secure. However, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs sees even more gains in the near future, predicting that netbook sales will overcome notebooks’ quite soon.

Jacobs claims that his prophecy will be fulfilled “relatively quickly,” without specifying further.

It’s hard to judge his claim for now, but it will definitely work out for Qualcomm if Jacobs is right. The much-touted Snapdragon processor is expected to increase Qualcomm’s presence in the industry by the second half of this year, setting the stage for vicious competition with Intel.

And Qualcomm isn’t the only one expecting big gains for the netbook industry. The IDC expects 20 million of the small computers to ship this year, and ABI Research places the number at an earthshaking 139 million sales by 2013.

It’s difficult to make accurate predictions at a time where the economy is so unreliable, so it would be wise to take Jacobs’ words with a grain of salt. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the writing on the wall. Will netbooks overtake notebooks? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via PCWorld.


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