Aug 21 2009

Low-Priced Laptops Aren’t the Only Thing Affecting Netbook Pricing

Ultrathins, a category of lightweight notebooks that can be as portable as netbooks but also as powerful as notebooks, may be slowly encroaching into netbook territory in terms of pricing.

Currently, ultrathin notebooks are priced in the high range of netbooks (or slightly higher), but there may be a trend of falling prices in this category of devices. For example, Dell introduced its Inspiron 11z laptop earlier this week for $399.

This 11.6″ machine is powered by a 1.2 GHz Intel Celetron 723 processor, which is much more powerful than the standard Intel Atom processor used in many netbooks. Unlike most netbooks, many ultrathin notebooks are capable of playing high definition video.

Dell’s ultrathin 11z notebook weighs roughly 3 pounds, which is similar to (if not slightly heavier than) the standard weight for many netbooks.

So you see, ultrathin notebooks seem to be perfect for individuals who want the portability of a netbook but the performance of a notebook. With the pricing patterns going in the direction that they currently seem to be going in, it might just be a matter of time before people start buying these computers up.

Via PCWorld.

Image via ZDNet.

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