Sep 1 2009

Sony To Partner With Google, Introduce Chrome Web Browser On Laptops

In a battle to loosen Microsoft’s dominating grip in the market for web browsers, Google is teaming up with Sony to promote its own web browser. In the future, the Chrome web browser will be pre-installed on some Sony notebooks.

Not a fan of Google Chrome? No problem. Since Sony’s laptops will still come pre-installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system, users will still have a chance to access Internet Explorer.

Not only is Google trying to loosen Microsoft’s grip on the world of web browsers, but also on operating systems as well. Common knowledge is that Google has been working on the Chrome OS, which will be targeted towards lower-end computers.

As of July 2009, Google’s share of the global web browser market was a mere 2.6% (whereas Microsoft’s IE had a 67.7% market share). Sony’s share of the notebook market is relatively small too, but hey, Google’s gotta start somewhere.

Via TheWallStreetJournal.


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