Sep 10 2009

The All-New Acer Ferrari One Netbook

We’ve seen a BMW branded netbook before, but it looks like the automobile industry is stepping it up a notch with the new Acer Ferrari One netbook. It runs the AMD Congo platform and is, naturally, sponsored by the Ferrari F1 Team.

Running the AMD Athlon X2 L310 processor, the netbook has dual cores running at 1.2 GHz. It uses the M780G chipset as well as ATI Radeon graphics. 1080p video is quote possible in the Acer Ferrari One as well.

The F1 netbook is based on the 11.6-inch Acer Aspire One and has a full 1366 x 768 pixels.

Other features include Draft-N Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA, a 6-cell battery, Dolby Home Theater, and an overall sexy exterior. The netbook is expected for €499 (around $730) on October 22nd, coinciding with the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7.

Via TrustedReviews.


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