Oct 31 2009

Rumored Black Friday Netbook Deal: Acer Aspire One for $149

Office Max’s Black Friday ad was posted but has mysteriously disappeared. It’s rumored that within this ad, the Acer Aspire One netbook was priced at less than $150 a pop. This is quite a deal, considering this netbook normally retails for nearly $150 more.

If you’re interested, keep on the lookout for any developments – and of course we’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, feel free to read one of our previous articles to learn more about the Acer Aspire One netbook. And if you hear any other awesome netbook deals, feel free to let us know.

Via NetbookReports.

Oct 31 2009

3M Introduces Netbook Privacy Filters

Hate people standing over your shoulder and anxious about people seeing what’s on your computer screen? 3M has recently launched a privacy filter that can mitigate (and hopefully eliminate) this problem.

3M’s privacy filter is actually a piece of plastic that is placed over the netbook screen to restrict the viewing angle. For those sitting directly in front of the computer, reading and seeing what’s on the screen should not be a problem, but for those looking at the netbook at an angle, they wouldn’t be able to see anything on the screen.

If your netbook has either a 10.1″ or 10.2″ screen and you’re interested in getting a privacy filter, click here to get one from Amazon for as low as $33.24.

Oct 30 2009

The Mirus JWHX Netbook: Forgettable But Cheap

The Mirus JWHX netbook features a 10.2″ screen display with 1024×600 screen resolution, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 120 GB hard drive. The netbook has 3 USB ports, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, VGA output, an SD card, and a 3-cell battery. It runs on the Windows XP operating system. Dimensions of the system are 10.2″ x 7.4″ x 1.1″. Excited yet? Didn’t think so – this netbook’s nothing unlike anything that was released nearly two years ago.

One thing that might catch your eye though is the price. The Mirus netbook retails for $248 at Walmart. You might be able to find similar netbooks for the same price, but it’s not everyday that you find a netbook that launches at this price.

Image via MirusInnovations.

Oct 30 2009

ASUS to Launch Inexpensive Smartbook in 2010

ASUS is planning on launching a smartbook in Q1 of 2010. This smartbook is described as a low-powered, 3G-enabled ultraportable laptop with an ARM-based processor. It’s rumored to have a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as well as GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

It’s currently uncertain what operating system ASUS’ new smartbook would run on, but the claim is that it will run on the Google Android OS. Pricing for the smartbook is rumored to be set around $180 each.

Via TomsHardware.

Oct 29 2009

Skooba Design Releases 20-Pocket Netbook Messenger Bag

Skooba Design is capitalizing on the fact that netbook owners want protection for their delicate little netbooks. Today the company released the Netbook Messenger Bag, a slim, compact, courier-style bag that can hold up to a 10″ netbook in addition to any related accessories.

Inside the main compartment of the bag is a padded sleeve and retention strap to hold the netbook in place. There’s also a mesh pouch for the power adapter. Inside the front compartment of the bag, there are pockets for digital devices and a special slot for a USB flash drive. Other features of the Netbook Messenger Bag include a stowaway water bottle holder, a cam-lock lever for adjusting the shoulder strap, and neoprene side pockets for smaller digital devices.

The Netbook Messenger Bag has 20 compartments, measures 14″ x 12″ x 3″, and weighs a mere 24 ounces. It’s made of weather-repellant nylon twill. It comes in four different colors: Abyss Black, Blizzard White, Deep Ocean Blue, and Inferno Red, each against a dark charcoal background. Price is currently set at $49.95. For more information, visit www.skoobadesign.com.

Via MobileTechReview.

Oct 29 2009

Buy a BlackBerry Storm2 Smartphone, Get a Free Netbook – Only at Verizon

When you buy a BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone, you can get another BlackBerry smartphone or other mobile broadband device, like the MiFi or the Gateway LT2016u netbook, for free (after rebates).

The BlackBerry Storm2 has received good reviews and especially does well in terms of e-mailing capabilities. The BlackBerry browser is faster and the phone can support more Gears and BlackBerry Widgets.

You can check out the Gateway LT2016u netbook in one of our previous articles. This 10.1″ netbook has the typical specs as well as a webcam and microphone.

Via WirelessandMobileNews.

Image via AdmiralH.

Oct 29 2009

Samsung OLED Netbook Spotted At FDP Tradeshow

AkihabaraNews has spotted a new 7-inch Samsung netbook packing a 1024 x 600 pixel WSVGA OLED display over at Japan’s FDP tradeshow this week, and it is beautiful. Behold:

Word has it there are no plans to put the prototype Samsung OLED netbook onto store shelves just yet, but Samsung is saying next year will bring OLED laptops and netbooks galore.

Oct 29 2009

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Released Today

The latest version of Ubuntu is available for download today. Unbuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 is the last interim release before the third Long Term Support Edition. All Ubuntu forks (including Kubuntu and Xubuntu) have also been updated to version 9.10.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 includes several changes from previous versions. Ext4 has replaced ext3 as the default file-system, empathy has replaced Pidgin as the instant messaging client, and the Palimpsest Disk Utility has replaced GParted as the partition manager. There are also several updates featured in Ubuntu 9.10, including updating the GRUB boot loader to version 2, Firefox to version 3.5, and GNOME to version 2.28.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 or getting it for your netbook, you can download it here.

Via TomsHardware.

Oct 29 2009

ASUS Projects Netbook Boom In 4Q 2009

After reporting booming 3Q results, ASUStek is projecting a breakthrough in netbook shipments in 4th quarter.

Eee PC shipments will reach 1.7-1.9 million shipments as ASUS joins newer European and Chinese netbook markets. The previous record held by ASUS is 1.7 million units, in 3Q 2008.

The recent quarter, ending September 31, saw 1.6 million shipments for ASUS.

Laptop shipment numbers are also looking great for ASUS – between 2.2 and 2.4 million units in the upcoming quarter.

Via PCWorld.

Oct 29 2009

Sprint To Try New 3G Netbook Program In US Markets

Sprint is launching a 3G netbook trial program in five US markets – San Francisco, Baltimore, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Indianapolis. Only one of the aforementioned markets – Baltimore – has WiMax 4G.

Sprint has offered incredibly competitive netbook deals in the past, but never on this kind of scale. One notable event was its 99 cent Compaq Mini 110c promotion back in July, which may have been lucrative enough for Sprint to consider kicking it up a notch.

Word has it the Sprint program will go into effect as soon as November 1st.

Via ZDNet.

Oct 29 2009

Kata 3N1 Bag Now Comes With a Netbook Pocket

Kata’s new 3N1 backpack/camera bag line this year is an updated version of an already fantastic product, and now comes with a sleeve for your netbook.

Depending on what model you select, he Kata 3N1 can fit machines from netbook size up to the size of a larger laptop – about 15.4-inches. It’s a slim and usable netbook accessory with lots of other applications as well.

Additional features are what we’ve come to expect from Kata – three choices of strap configuration, a small top pocket with easy access, and three model sizes. The backpacks come in $100, $120, and $145 versions and should be available soon.

Via Wired.

Oct 28 2009

Intel Atom N450 Netbook CPU Expected By January 2010

Word has it that the new Atom N450 Pine Trail M processor, complete with a new (but relaxed) set of restrictions for netbook manufacturers will be available by January 2010. the 1.83 GHz chip will feature an increase in the memory limit from 1 GB to 2 GB, with manufacturers being encouraged to use 20 or 30 GB SSDs in conjunction with the new chips.

Packing the all new Windows 7, double the RAM, and a faster Atom CPU, the netbooks of next year might not resemble the netbooks of days gone by. Change might not be a bad thing.

Via MobileComputerMag.

Oct 28 2009

Canonical CEO Criticizes Microsoft For Netbook Restrictions

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has, interestingly enough, disengaged himself from the ongoing catfight between Linux and Microsoft for just long enough to praise Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7. However, he couldn’t refrain from taking a few shots at the company, mostly centering on Windows’ price and restrictions on netbooks.

According to Shuttleworth, 7 is “a substantial improvement on the past. Even on netbooks, it’s a credible release.” However, it’s still “proprietary, and a relatively expensive piece of of technology”, too “restrictive” on netbooks” and overall “not worth the price.” Well, that cease fire lasted!

The comments may have been dropped as a way of prepping for tomorrow’s release of Karmic Koala, which brings Ubuntu Linux to version 9.10. Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix is also on the table, with support for 25 netbook models including netbooks by Dell.

One notable addition to Karmic Koala is the Ubuntu One product, supplying 2 GB of online storage free to all Ubuntu users. For an extra $10 a month, you can get 50 GB of cloud storage.

Via The Inquirer.

Oct 28 2009

New RPG Torchlight Has A Netbook Mode

The new video game Torchlight has been released on a variety of digital download mediums including Steam for only $20, and reportedly has a netbook mode. This is, in fact, awesome.

The game is designed by the designers of Diablo and Diablo II and is noted to do a fantastic job of getting a lot out of meager systems like netbooks. Netbooks are weak in the gaming category, though they’ve been improving; you won’t be able to run Crysis any time soon, but as technology cheapens and companies like Nvidia improve their offerings in netbooks, more and more game makers should deliver titles like Torchlight that are compatible with netbooks.

Be sure to check out PCWorld’s focus on Torchlight for more reasons you should immediately download the game.

Oct 28 2009

Litl Easel Pretends Its ‘Web Computer’ Isn’t A Netbook

We’ve seen some clever attempts to get around the netbook label before, but this recent attempt by Litl is quite honestly a weak effort. Deemed a “web computer”, the Litl Easel is just a weird-looking netbook with a bad name.

It has a slightly cranked 1.86 GHz Atom CPU, but offers a mere 2 GB of space. Other features are decent but forgettable, such as its 1 GB of RAM, 12.1-inch 1200 x 800 screen, integrated webcam, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, and a 2600 MAh battery. It also supports an infrared remote control.

The netbook/web computer/whatever comes with a unique interface, described as little “stacks of cards – where blue cards are ‘permanent’ cards for the card catalogue, family and friends, and settings, while white cards are ‘web cards’ shown in an open-source Mozilla browser, and black cards are ‘channel’ cards for delivering widgets.” Unique doesn’t always mean good, now does it?

Pricing is expected to fall between $350 and $450.

Via TheTechHerald.

Oct 28 2009

Atom Vs. ARM: A Battle of Processor Power

Intel has been quite successful, partially due to the popularity of netbooks and thus the popularity of Intel Atom processors that comes with netbooks and ultraportable laptops. In fact, Intel is becoming so successful that they are looking into expanding the use of their chipsets in the realms of headsets, media players, TVs, and other digital electronic devices.

Of course, there’s stiff competition in this market. One major rival is ARM Holdings, located in Cambridge, England. While many people may not have heard of ARM, it’s no doubt a significant player in the market for processors of digital electronic devices. For example, if you take any random cell phone, there’s a 95% chance that it contains at least one ARM processor. If you take any cell phone that was made in the past five years, this percentage increases to 100.

We’ll keep watch as Intel tries to make its way into the rest of the digital electronics market and keep you posted on any news we hear. In the meanwhile, who do you think would win this battle – if it even comes to that?

Via CIO.

Oct 28 2009

Lenovo Redesigns IdeaPad S10-2 Netbook

Lenovo has redesigned the IdeaPad S10-2 netbook with a slew of snazzy new exteriors, as you can see below:

The netbook isn’t the most impressive out there but it runs an Atom N280 with 1 GB of RAM and the Intel 945 chipset – a solid set of specs despite the machine’s other flaws. No word just yet on pricing or availability, but if historical precedent has anything to say these cool designs might cost more than they’re worth.

Via CNet.

Oct 28 2009

The First Netbook Trade Show

Netbooks have grown ubiquitous, especially in the past couple of months with the increased need for portability, practicality, and frugality, not to mention the state of the downturn economy. It looks like netbooks are here to stay, at least for a while, so why shouldn’t they have their own trade show?

The Netbook World Summit is set for December 8th in Paris, France, with sponsors like Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, and Qualcomm. It should be interesting so stay tuned for our coverage this December.

Via Examiner.

Oct 27 2009

Astro Boy Netbook Flies Its Way Into Taiwan

Are you a nerd? You know you are. Come on – you’re reading this blog! Just kidding. But seriously, here’s something you might enjoy.

The Astro Boy netbook is equipped with an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 160 GB hard drive. Pretty typical, boring specs – we know. For a total of $616, you can get the special edition kit, which comes with a lunch box-like case, a USB hard drive, a flash drive, an external optical drive, an MP3 player, and portable speakers.

If you’re not a fan of all the external hardware, you could always gift it for the holidays and keep the netbook for yourself. :-)

Via CrunchGear.

Oct 27 2009

Increased Netbook Sales Result in Increased Graphics Chip Shipments

Recent netbook sales have resulted in an increased shipment of Intel’s and Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD’s) graphics chips. According to market research firm Jon Peddie Research, Q3 shipments of graphics chips increased 21.2% from Q2 of 2009. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research is optimistic for the future, as a reported 119.45 million units of graphics chips were shipped in Q3, which is an increase of over 8 million units more than Q3 of 2008.

It’s possible that Q4 shipments for 2009 may not be as strong as Q3 though, as Peddie mentions that “The channel is full…That suggests that while Q4 is typically a good quarter for PCs, the quarter-to-quarter growth in Q4 may not be as robust as Q3. Graphics are a great leading indicator. The graphics go in before the PC is built or shipped.”

Via CNet.


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