Oct 8 2009

Thin Client Cloud Computing And The Jolicloud Netbook OS

We’ve been eagerly anticipating Tariq Krim’s Jolicloud OS for months, and while it isn’t available just yet, Krim has some interesting things to say about the motivation for the OS in the meantime.

Krim, who founded Netvibes, said that the “thin client concept is “more feasible now than ever.” What this means is that netbooks, being easy to replace, have users that want to preserve their settings and credentials even as they switch between machines.

Based on Ubuntu, Jolicloud is still in alpha mode but raised $4.2 million in first round funding this July.

Recent availability of cheaper hardware and widespread wireless internet access has made cloud services all the more plausible. It will be exciting to see how this translates into extra features in Jolicloud.

Be sure to check out Jolicloud’s main site for more information.


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