Oct 8 2009

Windows 7 Boot Times Could Be Inferior To Vista’s

While Windows 7 is widely expected to be slimmer and more functional than Windows Vista, Iolo Technologies claims the new OS takes longer to boot than its predecessor.

The company sells PC tune-up software and said that its lab unit was disappointed with the new operating system’s performance. Windows 7 took 1 minute 34 seconds to become usable on a new machine as compared to a minute 6 seconds with Vista. The difference could be a deal breaker in netbooks, where boot times can severly hinder or augment the user experience.

Iolo’s main criterion was that the OS be fully usable to be considered booted, “with CPU cycles no longer significantly high and a true idle state achieved”.

CNet News has corroborated those results, leading to a murmur of worry among those anticipating the new OS. Microsoft has not yet commented on the findings, but if the past is any clue, it should come forward in self-defense soon.

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  1. sjc1963 said:

    Big surprise that they also sell a program that will “fix” the problem. [rolleyes]

    October 8th, 2009 at 4:48 pm


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