Oct 9 2009

Nvidia ION 2 Moves Beyond Netbook CPUs

Despite the Nvidia ION‘s relatively recent implementation in netbooks and CULV laptops , it looks like Nvidia thinks we’re ready for a sequel: the Nvidia ION 2.

The ION 2 is designed for more platforms than the original ION processor, meaning notebooks and desktops – not just netbooks – are in the headlights this time around.

Nvidia execs confirmed that our good friend the Atom will be joined by other processors, including the Celeron, Core 2, and Pentium families in support by the Nvidia chipset. HD video improvement will be the first likely result of the release.

The ION 2 could also be much faster than the Nvidia ION, afford more shading effects, use less power, and smaller in general. Sounds pretty good so far – if the price tag is reasonable, Nvidia could be looking forward to an enjoyable holiday season.

Via I4U.

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