Oct 10 2009

Are Businesses Ready for Netbooks?

Netbooks have been on sale for a while now and businesses are starting to consider using them. Some netbooks are even geared towards business users. But are businesses ready for netbooks? Will they be able to successfully roll them on a large-scale basis? What do you think? Here’s five reasons for each side of that argument.


1. Portability – Netbooks are great travel partners, at least compared to bulky laptops.
2. Extended battery life – Some netbooks can get up to half a day (or more) of battery life!
3. Low price – No doubt netbooks are cheaper than laptops, with many in the $300 range.
4. Easy access to applications
5. Netbook’s value as a loaner PC


1. Relatively worse performance than alternatives / underpowered – Most netbooks are powered by Intel Atom processors, which are less powerful than most of the current processors in notebooks.
2. Weaker Biometric Security – Many laptops have fingerprint readers for added security.
3. Small – Working with small screens and cramped keyboards for extended periods of time may be frustrating and uncomfortable.
4. No optical drive included – If you want an optical drive for a netbook, most likely you will have to purchase an external one.
5. OS isn’t enterprise ready

Via Examiner.

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    October 28th, 2009 at 1:49 pm


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