Nov 30 2009

The Truth About the Death of the CrunchPad Tablet Netbook

Various rumors have been flying around about the CrunchPad tablet netbook, but here’s some shocking news.

TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington, had been working together with a small group on creating a tablet netbook device nicknamed the CrunchPad. It was a device that was designed mainly to surf the web and have little local storage space. It was even starting to look more and more like a netbook the further it got into production.

Unfortunately, the company that Arrington partnered with to produce the CrunchPad tablet netbook got into a quarrel with Arrington. The latest word on the street is that Arrington said the company planned on kicking him off the CrunchPad project and selling the device under a different name. And so that put an end to the partnership.

No details are set in stone yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any developments we hear about.

Via TechCrunch.

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