Dec 21 2009

New Dell Mini 10 Netbook Uses Intel Atom N450 CPU

Dell’s 10-inch netbook has gotten an upgrade. The new Dell Mini 10 will implement Intel’s 1.66GHz Pineview Atom N450 processor, replacing the current Mini 10 and 10V which use Z520 and N270 processors.  The Mini 10 will be offered starting January 7th with your choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux. In addition to the processor upgrade, the Mini 10 will change some features, adding in a new textured palm rest and scrapping the multi-gesture capabilities of the trackpad. However, the integrated trackpad buttons will remain.

A few optional features have also become available with this new model. They include 3G or GPS Bluetooth, Broadcom Crystal HD Solution software, and a built-in TV tuner. The battery can now also be upgraded to a 6-cell battery. Luckily, the base price of the netbook will remain the same at $299.

Image Via UberGizmo

Via TechTree

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