Jan 8 2010

Inspired by Lala, Apple Makes Changes to iTunes

When Apple bought Lala back in December of last year, many analysts speculated that the acquisition of the streaming music platform would bring changes to iTunes. It appears that such speculation was accurate, as Apple is slowly but surely adding changes to iTunes, making it less application-based and more browser-based.

Apple now allows thirty-second song previews in web-based iTunes Charts, which was launched in November 2009. At first, you had to open up iTunes itself to hear song previews. Now you can listen to song previews right from your web browser (though QuickTime must be installed, as they are encoded in QuickTime format).

To buy the song, you still have to open up iTunes itself. I wonder how long it will be until we can buy iTunes music right from our browsers–it seems like this feature may eventually be available, especially since many people have speculated that Apple will use Lala to fully integrate iTunes into web browsers. Cheaper music and streaming options are also new features that analysts have speculated might show up in iTunes in the near future.

Via PC World, image via Apple.

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