Jan 18 2010

Apple May Dump Google in Favor of Bing

The competition between Google and Apple is heating up and some analysts believe that the next major move will involve Apple dumping Google as the default search engine on mobile devices. That wouldn’t seem tremendously surprising, except for the fact that Microsoft’s Bing may be replacing Google.

The logic behind getting rid of Google is to cut it off from mobile data that could be used to improve its advertising. Microsoft’s Bing may therefore be the search engine of choice on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Alternatively, Apple itself may decide to start its own search engine. I personally find it surprising that Apple still does not have one already.

Apple and Google have competed in various arenas for a while now, but Google’s release of the Nexus One smartphone has really intensified the battle. The iPhone is near and dear to Apple’s heart and Google has made everything so much more personal by attempting to compete with the iPhone.

Via MacDailyNews, image via BusinessWeek.

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