Feb 4 2010

ARM Chief Predicts Netbooks Due To Dominate Market


The recent media storm concerning one particular tablet has shifted the discussion regarding the role and future of netbooks.  Following Acer’s pithy rebuttal of the tablet trend sweeping manufacturers, ARM has announced to the world that, not only are netbooks here to stay, but they are destined to become the norm of the PC world.

Tossing out an astonishing estimate, ARM CEO Warren East stated in an interview with PC Pro that while netbooks may only compose 10% of the PC market now, we should expect that figure to reach 90% within the next few years. Now, as much as I love netbooks, this prediction certainly deserves a double-take, as it basically casts desktops and laptops into oblivion.  Also, there is no clear answer to whether East is referring to only the traditional netbook platform or if he means to include the entire mobile PC platform, including tablets.

East, of course, would have everything to gain from this arrangement.  While he may not have a stranglehold (or to be honest even a foot) in the netbook CPU market, he points out that every netbook released has at least several ARM chips powering various components of it.  However, he remains ambitious and announced earlier plans for the Cortex-A9 to be able to reach clock speeds of 2 GHz and a quad-core configuration.

Via Engadget.

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  1. Clayton001 said:

    Well of course. I have shown this for some time in my blog at Alpha.com .

    There are already HUNDREDS of manufacturers of very cheap ARM-based netbooks — in China! And, as I showed, there are THOUSANDS of sources!

    Really, this ARM thing is taking over the world of computing. You can get an ARM netbook from China, FREE SHIPPING, for MUCH beyond (under) the supposed $100 barrier. Alibaba, the trusted Chinese e-commerce site protects your payment: no delivery, no payment. You are fully protected. Lots of other dirt-cheap electronics. Details at//alpha-400-mips-elonex-razorbook-coby.blogspot.com/2010/01/order-100-pcs-direct-from-china-you-are.html

    February 4th, 2010 at 3:08 am


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