Feb 5 2010

Adobe Defends Flash, Fights With Apple

In response to Steve Jobs’ jabs at Adobe Flash, Adobe’s chief technology officer Kevin Lynch has defended Flash and accused Apple of not wanting to cooperate with his company and add Flash support for the iPhone and iPad.

Lynch wrote in a blog entry expressing Adobe’s willingness to enable Flash for the browsers on the iPhone and iPad if Apple would be willing to cooperate. Jobs recently said that Apple is unwilling to have Flash support on its mobile devices because Flash is too buggy. Lynch disagrees, saying that Flash is not released with known crash bugs and it could not have achieved its popularity if it were as buggy as Jobs says it is.

Furthermore, Flash will be available on all major smartphones—with the exception of the iPhone. Flash support could give iPhone competitors an edge.

Lynch also said that he does not see HTML 5 replacing Flash, though Steve Jobs does. 75 percent of video on the Internet uses Flash.

Though I do love Apple and Apple products, I agree with Adobe on this. The iPhone’s biggest flaw, in my opinion, is its lack of Flash support.

Via PC World, image via Adobe.

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