Feb 14 2010

Adjusting Windows 7 on Netbooks

You just bought a netbook. Congratulations! Your new netbook is all factory-fresh and set up just how you like it, except…it’s a little slow. What’s to be done?

One thing you could do is disable the following services:

• Block Level Backup Engine Service
• Bonjour Service (from iTunes)
• Certificate Propagation
• Group Policy Client (if not on domain)
• HomeGroup Listener
• HomeGroup Provider
• Offline Files
• Portable Device Enumerator Service
• Security Center
• Software Protection
• SSDP Discovery
• Windows Defender
• Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
• Windows Search

If you want some tricks to get more out of what you do have, then go to this site. It has a number of fixes that should help you get the most out of your netbook.

Via Arabian Business

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