Feb 15 2010

Cell Phone Providers Join Forces Against Apple

Major cell phone providers from all over the world are joining together to conspire against Apple. Okay, maybe “conspire” is too strong a word—“join together” may be a more accurate description—but you get the idea.

Announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Wholesale Applications Community is made of twenty-four of the world’s largest cell phone providers, including such names as Sprint, Vodafone, and China Mobile. The idea behind this consortium is to solve the major problem facing mobile app developers today: there are too many platforms. Oh, and money is a big factor as well. Apps are very lucrative—Apple’s App Store is a case in point—and these companies do not have nearly the app sales that Apple does.

Will this idea actually work? In theory, the idea is good. But in practice, there may be too much infighting in the consortium. One company will seek to dominate the others, which will create resentment, infighting, and weaken the consortium. Also, it is very unlikely that Apple would allow itself to be outmaneuvered in such a manner. Plus, Apple is one united company that doesn’t have the infighting. The consortium is a good try by the cell phone companies, but it’s going to take more than that to offer real competition to Apple.

Via ZDNet, image via Apple.

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