Feb 26 2010

JooJoo Tablets Get Pushed Back

Fusion Garage appears to have made a mistake when it earlier announced its plan for the JooJoo Tablet to be shipped by the end of February.  With only 2 days left in the month, they have pushed back shipments a whole month back to March 25. Here’s the full release:

“Earlier this month, Fusion Garage’s JooJoo Internet tablet went into full production with an anticipated on-time delivery to consumers at the end of February. Last week, the company became aware of a manufacturing issue involving JooJoo’s industry-first 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen which Fusion Garage was quickly able to diagnose and rectify. The company now forecasts the JooJoo will be sent to consumers on March 25.

The manufacturing issue centers on fine tuning the touch sensitivity of the capacitive screen. Fusion Garage will be providing all pre-order customers with a free JooJoo accessory to compensate for the delay in the delivery of their JooJoo.”

It must be highly awkward when your main (and possibly only selling point) is holding you back from delivering your product.  Given all the other problems surrounding the CrunchPad-turned-JooJoo, you can’t help but wonder if Michael Arrington is sitting at home smirking.

Via Gizmodo

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