Mar 14 2010

Google Gets Ready to Say Goodbye to China

The announcement of Google’s ultimatum to China regarding Internet censorship generated much fanfare across the Web, about the purity of the values that Google fought for and represented.  Now it seems Google is backing its threat, and bidding a final farewell to the world’s most populated country.

The delay so far was due to negotiations between Google and China, to see if any sort of resolution could be developed to keep the controversial up and running.  However, the Chinese government has publicly declared it would not revoke its current internet censorship policy simply for Google’s sake. This coupled with the apparent inability of talks to lead towards results has made Google adamant about leaving.

Google now says it is “99.9 percent” certain it will close down its main Chinese operations and  It wishes to maintain other projects it had there, before’s conception, but it is now unlikely that Google will have a place in China at all.  Still, much of Google’s base in the Western world will have a sense of newfound pride in its search engine overlords.

Via Financial Times

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  1. cosi said:

    I am glad that Google is standing up to this uneccesary intrusion in to private accounts.
    At the end of the day China needs Google more than Google needs China after the article I saw the other week in China even Google is getting copied now by some young guy calling it Gooje and he probably has backing from the gov but he does not have the software like so many things here which is why they really do need us more than we need them and the sooner they bloody learn that the better things will run.

    March 14th, 2010 at 4:22 am


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