Mar 22 2010 Is Officially Dead

Google, after months of rhetoric and final plans announced only a week ago, has officially stopped hosting a separate site for  All people going to the old domain name are being rerouted to the uncensored Hong Kong site.  This is the result of a long standing row between the world’s largest search engine and the world’s most populous country.  For those of you who forgot how it all started, in January Google complained of several Chinese hackers breaking into email accounts in what it called a “sophisticated cyber attack originating from China”.

Three months and several failed negotiations between the Chinese government and Google later, Google has refused to operate in China if it needs to conform with censorship laws.  The US government expressed disappointment that the issues could not have been worked out between the two superpowers.  Meanwhile, China chastised Google’s decision, saying Google had violated its written promise when coming to work in China, and that it was in league with the US government.

While many bystanders and bloggers have criticized the Google decision as rash and too idealistic, I believe this is a decision that was long overdue on the part of Google.  Google has today made a move that the most powerful democracies in the world have been too afraid to: snub China for its censorship and human rights record.  Google was simply being used as a puppet by the Chinese regime to deflect concerns of a non-open society.  Now the contradiction known as is gone, and Google has a chance at re-attaining the “Do No Evil” motto they so dearly held to long ago.

Via BBC News

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