Mar 24 2010

Firefox Releases Update to Fix Security Issue

Mozilla released its latest Firefox update yesterday, about one month ahead of schedule. The update fixed stability issues and security flaws, including a bug that could allow a hacker to execute a malicious code on a user’s system.

Firefox is a popular alternative browser to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and, in light of the attacks on Internet Explorer in the past few months, has been recommended as a replacement browser in some EU countries, most notably Germany and France. However, the German government recently recommended that users stop using Firefox due to the recent security flaw.

The recent security flaw only affects Firefox 3.6 running on Windows XP or Windows Vista—Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows 7 users are unaffected. Mozilla probably released the update early in order to prevent users from abandoning Firefox, and it also probably wants the browser to be updated in the time leading up to the CanSecWest security conference.

Via PC World, image via Firefox.

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  1. Pwn2Own Competition Shows No Mercy For Browsers, OSes, or Phones | wrote:

    […] example, German hacker “Nils” managed to take down a Windows 7 PC which was running Firefox.   Using a previously unknown hole, he took total control over the PC.  Before this, Charlie […]

    March 28th, 2010 at 1:29 am
  1. installstormdoor said:

    Mozilla is pushing out an update to its Firefox Web browser (version that plugs a pair of security holes in the software. Firefox users should receive notice of the pending update the next time they launch the browser. (If you don’t get a prompt to update to, chances are you’re using a really old version of Firefox .

    March 24th, 2010 at 10:35 am


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