Mar 29 2010

Rumor: Apple is Preparing Verizon iPhone

According to some unnamed sources, Apple is preparing to release an iPhone that will be compatible with the Verizon network. One of the companies that builds iPhone software is reportedly working on an iPhone that will run on a CMDA network, which is the network Verizon uses in the United States. The CMDA iPhones are supposed to go into mass production this September, but it is unknown when Apple will release them.

There have been many rumors about a Verizon-compatible iPhone for some time now. Most of them seem to be wishful thinking (Verizon people, I feel your pain–I had Sprint for a year after the iPhone first came out). Apple’s exclusive contract with AT&T appears to preclude the possibility of there being iPhones compatible with other carriers, but it is unknown how long the AT&T contract is supposed to last. In other countries, the iPhone does have multiple carriers.

Via CNET, image via CNET.

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