Apr 16 2010

Apple Captures More Market Share

According to new research, Apple has seen huge growth over the year, selling 1.4 million Macs and having 8 percent of the market share. For the first three months of 2010, Apple was the fifth-largest computer vendor (HP, Dell, Acer, and Toshiba were ahead of it).

HP and Dell grew 7.1 and 7.2 percent over the span of a year, respectively, which is below the industry standard. HP has 25 percent of the market, Dell has 23.4 percent, Acer has 15.6 percent, and Toshiba has 8.6 percent.

Analysts have said that all the hype concerning the iPad helped Apple’s sales for the quarter.

Apple was not the company to have the most growth—its share grew 34 percent, but both Acer and Toshiba grew 50 percent year over year.

All the reported standings are within the US but the worldwide ones are not that much different, with the exception of Apple, which does not make the top worldwide vendor list.

Via ZDNet, image via Gartner.

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