May 7 2010

Analyst: iPad Has Not Impacted Netbook Sales

There has been speculation for some time now that the iPad is going to spell the end of netbooks, the small Windows-based notebooks that are a cheaper alternative to more expensive laptops. According to an analyst with the NPD Group, it is much too early at this point to tell if the iPad is going to adversely affect netbook sales.

An analyst with Morgan Stanley said earlier this week that the iPad has severely impacted netbook sales, being that netbooks have sold less this year than they did last year. Though netbook growth is declining, some are saying that we cannot attribute this directly to the iPad.

Instead, the products that will spell the end of the netbook will most likely be Windows notebooks that are slightly more expensive than netbooks. For just a little more money, users can buy computers with full-sized keyboards and bigger screens. The economy may also have played a role: netbooks were a more logical choice when economic times were harder back in 2009.

Via Computerworld, image via ZDnet.

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