May 7 2010

iPad Shortage Hits the US

There appears to be an iPad shortage across the United States: Apple stores in major cities all across the US have reported that they are out of 3G iPads, and some stores do not even have the higher-end WiFi models. The stores are allowing customers to put their names on a waiting list.

The question at this point is why Apple is out of iPads. The iPad has obviously been a huge success so far, so perhaps it was more of a success than Apple anticipated, which could have caused the shortage. Others have suggested that Apple is stockpiling iPads for the international launch, which is scheduled for May 28. Still others are saying that the shortage is caused by a shortage of touchscreens for the iPad.

The more cynical among us have suggested that the shortage has been artificially created by Apple to increase news coverage and customer demand.

Via PC World, image via Apple.

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