May 12 2010

HTC Files Claim Against Apple

HTC did vow to defend itself against Apple and now it has done so by filing a patent infringement claim with the International Trade Commission saying that Apple has infringed on five HTC patents.

Analysts have said that Apple’s lawsuit against HTC is actually an attack on Android and therefore Google. HTC has recently signed an agreement with Microsoft related to HTC’s Android-based handsets, which led analysts to speculate that Microsoft was giving covert support to HTC in its battle with Apple.

Apple and HTC’s conflict is just one of many, though. There is an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Nokia concerning patents, and Motorola has also filed a claim with the ITC against RIM, the maker of BlackBerry.

Though all companies have a right to their intellectual property, it appears that patent lawsuits are often used to stifle competition.

Via PC World, image via BBC News.


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