May 13 2010

First Chrome OS Device to be Released

The first device running Chrome OS, the open source operating system by Google, is supposed to be introduced by Acer in two weeks, according to multiple sources.

Acer is supposed to show off its new device at Computex Taipei, a yearly computer and electronics show that opens on June 1. Chrome OS was designed for netbooks, smartbooks, and tablets. Acer has said previously that it would have a Chrome OS netbook ready by the middle of 2010. There currently is no word about what the device is going to be.

Other netbook manufacturers have expressed interest in working with Chrome OS, including Dell, though it said that it was still evaluating Chrome OS.

What is unclear right now is the relationship between Chrome OS and Android. Android is intended for mobile devices, like smartphones, but some companies have expressed interest in using it on tablets as well. Google co-founder Sergey Brin says that the two will eventually merge.

Via CNET, image via Google.

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  1. mortgage broker said:

    It looks neat. I’m currently saving 50 bucks here and there to buy a slate computer. When I reach 500-600 dollars, I’m going to buy the first one that most interests me. If this isn’t out by then, I’ll probably buy an iPad. Apple hasn’t let me down yet, but i’ve always been a PC guy. I understand development takes a long time (especially when competing with apple), but do what it takes to get the thing out there otherwise apple will have already eaten up the specialized demographic this idea represents.

    May 14th, 2010 at 8:48 am


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