May 16 2010

Intel Atom N550 Dual-Core Processors to Come Later This Year

The Intel Atom N550 will be one of the potential dual-core processors that Intel will be releasing, and the company’s current plans are to release it in the third quarter of 2010.  These powerful processors will not only be available for netbooks, but also for all-in-one PCs as well as other low-powered devices, such as ultraportables.

The Intel Atom N550 dual-core processor will come with a clock speed of 1.5GHz, 1 MB of L2 cache, and a couple of cores to support hyperthreading.  Thankfully, even though these processors will be more powerful, power consumption will be minimal.  In fact, they’re said to require less power than the standard Intel Atom N450 and Intel Atom N470 single-core chips.

Via UberGizmo.


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