May 27 2010

Apple Releases iPad in Europe

Starting on Friday, the iPad will be turned loose to countries other than the United States. Apple is releasing it in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany on Friday and in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands sometime in July. Major European carriers that will offer service for the iPad have already announced their data plans.

A researcher with Gartner Inc. has said that the iPad is extremely unique and is in a category of its own when it comes to mobile products. Though other companies are planning to manufacture tablets, at this point the iPad really does not have a rival. Gartner has forecasted that the iPad will count for the majority of sales of touchscreen tablet products this year.

In the UK, computer retailer DSG has exclusive rights to sell the iPad for sixty days. In France, there is no one chain of stores with exclusivity.

Via The Wall Street Journal, image via Apple.

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  1. MleB said:

    …and in Canada.

    Tried one yesterday. Pretty. Nice. And regrettably, limited.

    As reported well before the iPad made it here, issues like its limited onboard memory, its inability to accept more memory (or just import/export files) via SD cards, its need to sync via iTunes for, well, anything, and a browser that offers an incomplete internet experience – it really is, unfortunately, an oversexed iPod Touch. Oh sure, it has a better virtual keyboard and works as a visually attractive eReader, but really, that’s it?

    Then there is the price – more costly than the US version, with, most often, purchases from the the iTunes store costing more, when the item is product is available at all. I’ll just remind Apple that our dollar is darn near at par, if not occasionally higher.

    Like I said, pretty. And maybe cool as a gaming device. But as a practical device, it doesn’t yet encourage me to move from my fully functional netbook (costing $200 less) and/or my Blackberry. Or even consider it over, say, a Touch with greater storage for $230 less…


    Plus, of course, I learned long ago to avoid any Apple product on its first version – there *will* be issues.

    May 29th, 2010 at 8:48 am


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