Jun 7 2010

AT&T discontinuing unlimited data for $30 plan

AT&T announced last week that they will be discontinuing their $30 unlimited data plans for users of netbooks and smartphones. While current subscribers will not be affected, future interested users will have the option to purchase either a 200MB data plan for $15/month plan or 2GB data plan for $25/month. Since the only users who really require more than 2GB of data are iPhone users, netbook users need not be concerned and might actually save $5/month or more.

Via Afterdawn

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  1. Komodo Dragon said:

    Meh… personally I am not all too happy about this move by at&t, I bet they must of crunched the numbers on this… and see it as being worth it… Would be a pain I bet for someone who goes over their limit… :(

    June 11th, 2010 at 8:25 pm


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