Jun 9 2010

Alienware M11x Gaming Netbook Gets New Intel Core i5, i7 Processor

Dell boasts that the M11x gaming netbook is the “world’s most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop” and they’re now competing against themselves to create an even better netbook.

The new M11x gaming netbooks will have the same graphics cards (Nvidia GeForce GT 335M) as before, as well as feature new Intel Core i5-520UM and Intel Core i7- processors.  Of course, the options now are also more expensive — $949 for the i5 model and $1,099 for the i7 model (versus $799 and $899 for their predecessors).

Both netbooks will feature TurboBoost technology, as well as an integrated Intel HD Graphics Media Accelerator.  The M11x netbook definitely is a heavyweight performer in its 4.4 pound weight class and doesn’t totally break the bank.  If you’re interested in gaming and on the market for a netbook, get out there and check it out!

Via ZDNet.

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  1. tires said:

    This laptop is definitely awesome, would love to get my hands on one, if only I had that kind of money to spend, hehe.

    Till then,


    August 1st, 2010 at 2:20 am
  2. Lookup said:

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    The combination of small screen size, tiny, cramped, short-throw keys, and (quite-likely) lower-than-HD screen resolution is going to make this netbook a tough sell to gamers wanting a “portable desktop” gaming system.

    Gaming laptops are bulky for a reason. They contain kick-ass hardware, they’re rugged, and generally have everything (and then some) that you’ll need for hardcore gaming. The size/weight is barely a factor, as many traveling gamers will pack up their desktops, if needed. The only redeeming factor here may be a low price, though that may not offset the drawbacks if it’s marketed as a gaming system, and rife with hideous lighting and color schemes.

    September 25th, 2010 at 12:34 pm


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