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NetbookBoards, like most good things, started as an idea but became a  group venture through dedication and dedication to something we all love: netbooks. But NBB is about more than just technology – it’s about our relationship to you, our readers. And since you guys have already politely introduced yourselves to us, we thought it would be wrong not to return the favor.

With no further ado:

Dan Pinto – Founder

Dan has been with NetbookBoards since the very beginning. He has 7 years of experience in web development and search engine optimization. Dan’s interest in new technology and purchase of the first netbook released by ASUS gave him the idea of founding NetbookBoards.

Dmitriy Rokhfeld – Co-Founder

Dmitriy has been fascinated with blogs for ages. Prior to helping develop NetbookBoards, he ran a website focused on entertainment news aggregation and delivery. He has also co-written numerous articles published in biomedical journals and can usually be found exploring the pages of TechCrunch and Digg.

Michael Curzi – Co-Founder/Senior Editor/Writer

Michael is a lifelong writer and avid lover of technology, and has stuck with NBB since November 2008. He also loves music, martial arts, TED Talks, quoting people, Wikipedia, free review samples, and of course, being pretentious about netbooks. Michael is fluent in Spanish, half-fluent in Mandarin, and is getting better at guitar.

Natalie K – Writer

Natalie is majoring in history.  An avid Mac lover, Natalie has written for NBB since December 2009 with a focus on Apple products.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, playing violin, and learning Russian.

Joyce Pang – Writer

Joyce used to maintain a blog of her own way back before the age of Facebook and Twitter. Joyce’s previous work experience has all been related to information technology, and her passion for writing and technology led her to join the NetbookBoards team back in April 2009.

Amin – Writer

Amin learned to type at the same time as he learned to talk, and since his father taught him how to dual-boot OSes in his early tween years, he has been running Linux on every PC he has owned.  An aspiring pre-med and student of the biomedical sciences, his greatest pride is that he hasn’t owned a pre-built desktop computer past the ripe old age of 9.

Tom – Guest Writer

Tom’s deep fondness for computers and technology made him a clear choice for NBB. Tom’s talent for creative writing allows him to offer spontaneous, insightful commentary on laptop news.

Allan – Guest Writer

Allan is EMT certified and loves to eat, read, and sleep. Allan’s interest in new technology drew him to NetbookBoards, where his wit has served him well. Luckily, we haven’t had to draw upon his EMT training so far.

Interested in writing for NetbookBoards? Contact us.


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