ASK NBB #8: Netbooks With Big Batteries And SSDs

Today’s ASK NBB comes from a guy who knows just what he wants, but not what it looks like when it’s all in the same package.


I bought an ASUS Eee 701 the day they came out, and it’s been a faithful companion.  The time has come, however, to upgrade to a new netbook!

It seems there are so many options these days that I can’t get my head around them all and I’m having trouble selecting a model.  Perhaps you could help?

I want a 10 inch screen (not interested in anything bigger, may perhaps consider a 9 inch model, although I like the idea of the near-full size keyboards available on some 10 inch models).  I also would like a 6-cell battery (the longer the battery life the better).  I need WiFi.  Bluetooth is not needed.  Also (here’s the one that’s making life hard for me), I want SSD storage.  The Size of this storage really doesn’t bother me.  I’m sure the smallest SSD netbook on the market would serve me fine (I don’t really need to store any data on it at all besides OS and some basic software packages). OS doesn’t bother me, as no matter what it comes with, I’m going to reformat and install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it.  What models should I be looking at?

To summarise:
– 10 inch screen (would consider 9)
– 6 cell battery (longer the battery life the better!)
– WiFi needed, but don’t need Bluetooth.
– SSD (Capacity a non-issue)
– OS irrelevant

Can you help me out?

Luke Aaron


Well Luke, my answer to you is simple: the HP Mini 2140. As I noted in my review, the HP mini 2140 has a 10.2-inch screen, long-lasting battery, Wi-Fi, and an SSD option. It’s a generally beautiful netbook, and I’ve heard little in the way of complaints about it.

Another option you might want to look into is the Dell Mini 9. The Mini 9 has been discontinued, but you will definitely be able to find one used. It’s on Amazon as well, though the price has been jacked up since Dell stopped making new ones. The Dell Mini 9 has an 8 GB SSD and a 4-hour battery life.

Lastly, you might want to check out the MSI Wind U115 Hybrid. It has an unbelievably long-lasting battery, due in part to its combination of both a hard drive and a solid state drive.

Those are the first three that come to mind, but they’re all by reputable manufacturers and I’ve heard many great things about each. In any case, you know the saying – those who need advice don’t listen, and those who ask for advice don’t need it. You seem like you know what you want, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect netbook for your needs.


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