Dec 27 2009

Panasonic Plans New Lithium Ion Batteries

Panasonic has created two new powerful lithium-ion battery cells that can hold 20-30% more power than the batteries currently on the market.  The new batteries not only will greatly increase the battery life of laptop computers, but are also potent enough to be used in electronic automobiles.

It is rumored that the battery can last up to a week without needing to be recharged. This length is an enormous increase in comparison to current laptop and netbook batteries in the market, which can’t make it through half a day before needing to be charged.

The lithium-ion battery might also play a big part in the green revolution, as they can potentially be used to power an entire house. There are endless possibilities for Panasonic’s technological advancement. It has the chance not only to change our computing experience but more importantly the future of environmentally friendly technology.

Still in development, the battery will not be available to the public until sometime during 2011.


Dec 26 2009

OLPC Plans to Release XO 3 Touchscreen Netbook for under $100 by 2012

The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) charity organization has ambitious plans for its latest netbook design. Earlier this month, the organization announced its plans to create the impossibly thin OLPC XO-3 tablet in two years time.  Now OLPC is hoping to distribute the XO-3 touchscreen laptop to impoverished children around the globe by the year 2012. Note: the projected price range of the device is less than a hundred dollars.

The original OLPC XO netbook is already out in the market and has been distributed to 1.4 million children in 35 different countries. The charity’s new creation will have a 9-inch touchscreen and will contain neither a mouse nor keyboard.  It is also planned to be extremely sturdy and run an ARM processor.

If the success of its XO netbook is any indicator, OLPC will likely reach its goal and continue to provide valuable education to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

Via TechWatch, image via Guardian.

Dec 26 2009

Viliv N5 Mobile Internet Device to be displayed at CES

Viliv will be unveiling yet another mobile internet device during January’s Consumer Electronics Show. Earlier this year, Viliv launched the M5 MID, which is the same size as the newly released N5 but with a sliding keyboard. Just this week the company announced the release of its larger MID, the S10 Blade netbook boasting a larger 10-inch touchscreen display.

Now it’s the N5’s turn to shine. The N5 is much more compact that the S10 blade and has a clamshell design that features touchscreen capabilities. The MID also has a 4.8-inch screen, making it all the more portable.

Other features of the N5 include:

  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 3G Wifi capability
  • GPS

There has been no word on the price range of the Viliv N5 netbook. We will have to wait about two weeks to find out.

Via Engadget, image via SlashGear.

Dec 26 2009

The Viewsonic VOT132 Nettop

Nettops have yet to see the spike in sales that netbooks have experienced over the past year. Some contend that their lack of computing power is one factor that keeps the compact nettops from reaching the popularity of their laptop counterparts.

The Viewsonic VOT132 nettop, however, may turn things around. The fun sized desktop computer drastically cuts down the wattage that regular PCs churn out while still being able to manage 1080p output for media lovers. The VOT132 stands out from other less powerful nettops, with its Ion graphics card and optional magnetic DVD drive.

Features include:

  • VDD100 Super Multi DVD Reader/Writer (optional)
  • Dual-core Intel Atom 330 Processor
  • Nvidia Ion Graphics Card
  • 2GB of DDR2 RAM
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • 320GB Hard Drive
  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi

The Viewsonic VOT132 will be sold for $450 with an optional VDD100 DVD drive for an additional $100. Overall, the Viewsonic nettop is perfect for streaming your favorite online TV shows or Youtube clips onto the display of your liking.

Via Engadget, image via ComputersAvenue.

Dec 25 2009

Asus Might Release a 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop with Intel’s Core i5-430M Processor

It is rumored that Asus will release a new gaming laptop early next year, which will allegedly use Intel’s powerful dual-core i5-430M Processor. Another supposed feature of the Asus laptop is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 GPU that can surely handle the most advanced graphics.

The Asus X77 laptop’s features include:

  • 1,600 x 900 17.3-inch LED screen
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 GPU with DDR3 Memory
  • Two 500GB hard drives
  • 4GB of RAM
  • eSata Port
  • HDMI Port

This new machine is a full-fledged gaming laptop that should run most of the latest games. The Asus X77 will be priced around $1435.

Via Engadget.

Dec 23 2009

More Speculation On The Asus Eee Pad

Asus is planning to unveil the Eee Pad at the CES in January, and some unconfirmed details have been reported by secondary sources. The suspicions are these: the tablet will not run Windows CE, it will have multi-touch capabilities, and it will use either Nvidia Tegra or Tegra 2 platforms.  The Eee Pad will also measure anywhere between four to seven inches diagonally.

We will have wait until next year to know for certain what this device will have in store. So far the tablet fits right into the touch screen trend that we have been seeing and will likely continue to throughout the following year.

Via Engadget.

Dec 23 2009

OLPC XO-3 Tablet of the Future Dreams Big

Yves Behar, designer for OLPC, has revealed a concept vision of its pet project, the XO-3 tablet.  The tablet will be comprised of an 8.5 x11 inch touchscreen. The surface of the device also reveals a camera on the back and a small ring in the upper left hand corner, used to carry the tablet around.

The tablet plans to make use of the possible improvements in technology that will be uncovered within the next two years. The OX-3 hopes to use no more than one watt of power to keep both its processor and Pixel Qi screen running. In addition, it is projected to be about half as thick as the current iPhone model.

Is this tablet prototype dreaming too big? Only time will tell.

Via Engadget.

Dec 22 2009

HP Mini 210 Netbook Upgrades to Intel Atom N450 CPU

It seems like netbook manufacturers are giving into peer pressure and are simultaneously upgrading their models with the Intel Atom N450 CPU.  Dell and Fujitsu were the first to announce the switch to the improved CPU, now it is HP’s turn to join in on the fun.

HP has announced that its Mini 210 netbook, revealed a couple of months back, will be using the N450 processor. The new model is set out to replace the company’s HP Mini 110.

Standard features include:

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 160 GB-250 GB HDD
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • Windows 7

The Mini 210 will be sold for around $321, and the release date for the netbook is still unknown. The device should experiemce stiff competition in the netbook market, which has shown tremendous growth over the past year.

Image Via Engadget

Via Engadget

Dec 21 2009

New Dell Mini 10 Netbook Uses Intel Atom N450 CPU

Dell’s 10-inch netbook has gotten an upgrade. The new Dell Mini 10 will implement Intel’s 1.66GHz Pineview Atom N450 processor, replacing the current Mini 10 and 10V which use Z520 and N270 processors.  The Mini 10 will be offered starting January 7th with your choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux. In addition to the processor upgrade, the Mini 10 will change some features, adding in a new textured palm rest and scrapping the multi-gesture capabilities of the trackpad. However, the integrated trackpad buttons will remain.

A few optional features have also become available with this new model. They include 3G or GPS Bluetooth, Broadcom Crystal HD Solution software, and a built-in TV tuner. The battery can now also be upgraded to a 6-cell battery. Luckily, the base price of the netbook will remain the same at $299.

Image Via UberGizmo

Via TechTree

Dec 21 2009

ICD’s New 7-Inch Ultra Android Tablet

This 7-inch tablet is the second Android tablet to be released by ICD. While the previous Android Vega Tablet was directed towards home use, the all-new Ultra Android Tablet is a more portable internet device. The Ultra offers capacitive and resistive touch screen technology, as well as a list of impressive specifications that including an Nvidia Tegra T20 chipset.

The Ultra offers:

  • 512MB of RAM
  • 512MB of ROM
  • 1.3 MP Web Cam
  • 4 GB Internal SD
  • Micro SD
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • FM Radio
  • Dual digital microphones
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack

In addition, the device utilizes an ambient light sensor and accelerometer, which maximizes the web browsing and video playback experience offered by the ICD Ultra tablet. Its 186 x 158 x 18 mm frame also makes the Ultra a worthy competitor of similar tablets like the JooJoo.

Image Via SlashGear

Via Engadget

Dec 20 2009

Marks & Spencer Netbook

British Retail Company Marks & Spencer has announced the upcoming release of its first netbook, the MSNB-2009.  It is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom and only recently began venturing into selling technology.

The Marks & Spencer netbook’s features will include:

  • 10-inch LCD Display
  • 1 GB DDR2
  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
  • Windows XP

This lackluster netbook is another addition to a continually saturated and expanding market. Like most brand name apparel from well-known retailers, you seem to pay for the name and what it represents, rather than for the actual attributes of the product. This seems to be the case with this netbook computer, offering the prestige of the Marks & Spencer name and not much else.

Image Via TFTS


Dec 19 2009

Olevia’s Underwhemling P10 Netbook

Olevia has released a new device for its netbook line, the P10. It holds all the specifications that are expected of any netbook, and adds nothing to differentiate itself from the masses. The only expected highlight of Olevia’s P10 netbook will be its slightly lower price range. This will be the netbooks sole advantage that may manage to attract customers to the product.

The netbook offers:

  • 10.1-Inch Display
  • Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • Wi-Fi
  • Linux or Windows Operating System

This isn’t Olevias first go-round in the netbook market, as it released the Yones X11A a few months back.

Image Via UberGizmo

Via UberGizmo

Dec 17 2009

Is Google Making a Netbook?

Is Google creating its own brand of netbooks? This wouldn’t be incredibly surprising, considering that netbook fever is running rampant in the technology world, but it’s still news that Google has decided to join in on the fun.

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch CEO, claims that more than one reliable source has revealed Google to be currently working with manufacturers to create a list of netbook specifications. The exact details of what Google’s netbook will contain are still a mystery, but it is speculated that the netbook will veer from the traditional and incorporate the new Nvidia Tegra graphics chip along with an ARM Processor.

The most exciting revelation is that Google will be selling their netbook and smartphone creations directly to consumers. That’s right – there might be a Google store popping up in your neighborhood in the near future.

ImageVia Tech-New

Via PcWorld

Dec 17 2009

ViewSonic Releases VNB102 Netbook

ViewSonic has just announced the launch of its very first netbook, the VNB102 ViewBook. The company is better known for its production of computer monitors and has apparently decided to join the netbook bandwagon.

The VNB102 Viewbook will be officially released to consumers this Friday. The device isn’t innovative in any way, but it will be able to keep up with others in its rank.

Features Include:

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 10-inch LCD Display
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • WiFi
  • 3 USB Ports

The VNB102 ViewBook will have a $399 price-tag.


Image Via TFTS

Dec 16 2009

LG XNote LGX30 Netbook Rumors

This uber-thin netbook is yet to be officially unveiled by LG, but some images and vague specifications have leaked.  It is speculated that since the LGX30 has been given to the FCC for review, already well into development. It will likely be released sometime next year. The netbook is equipped with:

  • An 11.6 inch LCD screen
  • An unspecified Intel Atom Processor
  • Intel GMA 500 graphics card
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in webcam

LG is a newbie to the netbook business, but at 1.76 pounds the LGX30 will be a strong competitor to Dell’s newly released Vostro V13.  We will have to wait for an official release by LG to learn more exact details on the LGX30.  As of now it seems to be another addition to the stylish, economical, and razor-thin netbook category.

Via Softpedia

Image Via Softpedia

Dec 16 2009

The $99 Netbook Becomes A Reality

Creating a netbook that costs less than 100 dollars once seemed like an impossible dream, but Cherrypal made it a reality. Cherrypal has launched the Cherrypal Africa, a $99 netbook, a computer aimed at satisfying the needs of the population of third world countries which could benefit greatly from internet access.

It is expected that the netbook will not be equipped with more than the bare necessities. Features include a 7-inch screen, 400 Mhz Processor, 256 MB Ram, and 2 GB of flash memory.

The CherryPal Africa is powerful enough to browse the internet and opens up the educational opportunities of impoverished children all over the developing world. Although this netbook is not for the average American able to afford a netbook with more bells and whistles, it is a big step forward towards better education for the less fortunate.

Via PcWorld

Image Via PcWorld

Dec 12 2009

HP’s MS214 All-In-One PC Delivers

This HP 18.5 inch all-in-one PC packs quite a punch for a compact computer. The PC offers more than the standard all-in-ones currently in the market.

For starters, it is one of the few all-in-one PC’s that have opted to use a 1.5GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU rather than the Intel Atom processor. Another improvement is the computer’s super-sized memory and storage capacity. The MS214 comes equipped with 2 gigabytes of DDR2, twice the average amount. The PC’s storage capacity is just as high, with 300 GB of storage.

The HP MS214 also includes integrated wireless-n and gigabit LAN connectivity. Both of these greatly facilitate the transferring of files. Lastly, the PC is complete with the addition of a DVD burner.

The only pitfalls of this all-in-one PC are that it doesn’t offer any kind of touch screen capabilities and has a meager six USB ports, two of which will likely be hogged by a keyboard and mouse. Overall, HP’s all-in-one PC offers a lot of bang for $600 bucks.

Via WashingtonPost

Image Via AutoDigital

Dec 11 2009

More Legal Woes for the Joo Joo Tablet

The legal battle has officially begun over the Joo Joo, formerly known as the CrunchPad. TechCrunch owner Michael Arrington announced on Thursday that he had filed a lawsuit against former business partner Chandra Rathakrishnan, CEO of Fusion Garage. The suit alleges many wrongdoings on Fusion Garage’s part, including a number of charges that include the theft of money and property owned by TechCrunch. Rathakrishnan is not backing down, claiming that Arrignton’s allegations are false, and that her company owes absolutely nothing to TechCrunch.

The Joo Joo tablet notebook is priced at $500 and will be available for purchase at midnight tonight on the company’s website. If you want in, I’d suggest acting quickly, in case the lawyers get ahold of this thing before you can.

Via Cnet

Image Via TheMobiler

Dec 11 2009

The Alienware M15x Gaming Laptop

Alienware offers one of the best gaming laptops out there, but ‘one of the best’ doesn’t seem to be good enough anymore. It’s now testing out the possibility of a lighter and more portable laptop, which might be considered to be setting a foot in the netbook bandwagon. The result is the M15X, which harbors a 15-inch screen with a lighter magnesium casing.


  • Extremely customizable
  • Weighing in at 9.2 lbs, it’s lighter than the M17X
  • 9-cell battery option
  • Starting price of $1499
  • Lower heat and noise emissions than predecessors
  • Intel Core i7 processor


  • Only contains one video card, so it cannot deal with SLI graphics
  • Smaller 15 inch display may cause some gaming inconveniences
  • Keyboard doesn’t contain a number pad
  • Not as powerful as the M17X
  • Offers less options than previous laptops

Via Geek

Image Via Geek.

Dec 10 2009

Quantum Dots Result In Brighter, Bolder Laptop Displays

LCD screens are regularly used in many technologies though they are in many ways inferior to newer but less popular, LED screens. LCD screens are a component of almost all laptops currently manufactured. QD Vision, a small company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has announced that they have developed new technology that could improve the efficacy of LCD screens by up to 40%. They also claim to be able to improve color contrast on the screens, resulting in a more vivid display.

The new technology has been dubbed quantum light optic. It is projected that the innovation will be passed along to three large LCD manufacturers by 2011. Quantum dots are the main component of this technology. When the dots are augmented to the light emitting diodes of LCDs they consequently reduce the amount of diodes needed to reach the same level of brightness. Quantum light optics looks to be extremely promising, because they may be able to drastically improve the quality of LCD displays, meaning thatlaptop screens will be getting brighter and bolder in the near future.

Via TechnologyReview

Image Via CyberIndian

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