Jan 8 2009

CES: Sony Netbook The Lightest (And Costliest) Ever

Sony recently made big news at CES with what it calls the lightest netbook ever: the 1.4 pound, 8-inch Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC.

It’s been described as “the size of a business envelope and as thin as a cell phone,” able to be slipped into a jacket pocket, yet still having full PC functionality.

Vaio P Series Netbook

According to the founder and CEO of Sony, Barry Thompson, the appliance can “streamline” processes with the combination of middleware and networking techs, in order to send data more efficiently.

Unfortunately, as you may have anticipated, this compactness and functionality comes at a high price. Sony intends to offer the netbook for as much as $900 this month, and in other major retail shops in February.

The Vaio P Series has an 8-inch display with a “light-emitting diode backlight” for more intense colors than those offered by a standard LCD screen. Despite its diminuitive size it packs a massive 1600 x 768 pixels and is “ultrawide” to avoid cramping web pages and other content.

It will deliver built-in support for the 3G broadband networks of wireless carriers, in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can toggle between wireless options to optimize your wireless connection, and use the internet in conjunction twith a built-in webcam, and GPS with maps of the US and Canada.

It will run Vista but you can insteantly switch into Sony’s Xross Media Bar interface, which manages music, video, the internet, and photos.

According to Sony it will run for four hours and get up to eight with a vaguely named “large-capacity battery”. That probably means a 60 or 8-cell battery, thought we can’t say for sure. The CPU is the Intel Atom and the P series will have 2 GB of memory and a 60 GB HDD or optionally a 128 GB SDD.

Will Sony find a market for its $900 machine in a time of recession? The move to release the Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC is either bold or foolish, but only sales numbers will say which.

Via InformationWeek.


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