Jun 1 2009

More On The Pixel Qi e-Reader Displays

Pixel Qi e-reader

We mentioned that the Pixel Qi netbook e-reader screen was coming to market soon, but we didn’t know the magnitude of the boosts in energy efficiency that the new screens could give.

Time got a look at some Acer Aspire One netbooks modded with the Pixel Qi 3Qi Hybrid display this week, and the results were astounding. The netbook has a toggle switch for changing between emissive and reflective display, which means you can use the netbook with LCD viewing for full color and video capability.

So how great will netbook battery be with the Pixel Qi display? Supposedly, e-paper mode only consumes energy during page changes, so battery on an Acer Aspire One could reach as much as 40 hours.

I don’t have a clue who’s going to be reading on a netbook for 40 hours straight, but the numbers are promising.  The screens should come in at under $200. That doesn’t sound great, as that’s 50% of the cost of a netbook without the screen, but as the technology gets cheaper the Pixel Qi e-reader screens should start to become mviable for new netbooks.

Via Gizmodo.


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