Gaming On A Netbook? It Can Be Done

Though gaming on netbooks has often been seen as something as an impossibility, netbook users have been experimenting with how far a simple Win XP 1.6 GHz Atom netbook can go. There are videos out there of netbooks managing to emulate Nintendo systems. Web-based browser games have never been a problem for netbook hardware either.

While netbooks can’t very well crank out the graphics of a game like Crysis, older titles – the NYTimes noted Asheron’s Call and Civilization III – can be made to function smoothly. Intel recently threw together a list of games that have been tested on the Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipsets, commonly used to power netbook graphics in a variety of models.

Screen size is always an issue for gaming, and default RAM setups can hinder gaming as well. However, updating graphics drivers or installing more memory makes gaming on your little machine a very real possibility.

Don’t have an optical drive? Try downloading games from a client like Steam.

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