Jan 24 2009

Indamixx Netbook: New Video Footage

The Indamixx netbook of last November has been featured in a video by SonicState. Ron Stewart of Indamixx was at the Gem Sound stand at WNAMM09, and was caught on tape featuring the new machine. The Indamixx netbook has already raked in the Remix Technology Most Innovative New Product award for 2009.

Indamixx Laptop

In case you’ve forgotten, the Indamixx netbook is a Linux-powered music machine that ships with all kinds of DJ-specific software. It has a VST host and multitrack DAW, among other neat features. Check out the video below, as well as our earlier article featuring the netbook.

You can find the Indamixx netbook on Amazon for $499.

Via SonicState.


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